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Pro Fiber

Pro Fiber

Our new ground breaking treatment. Pro Fiber.


Introducing our newest treatment, Pro Fiber.

Pro Fiver, is out all new treatment that starts in salon and continues with you at home. With our new treatment, you can reveal long-lasting hair beauty, as it is the first long-lasting recharging hair-care programme. Introducing Aptyl 100, exclusive technology from L'Oreal Professionel with over 7 years of research for beautiful hair. Pro Fibre starts in salon where a member of out trained team will help you choose the right level of the treatment for you.The beauty if Pro Fiber is that there is something for all hair types, by coming in three levels you are going to find the right one for your hair.

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Level 1: Revive

For fine normal to slightly damaged hair.

With a beautiful lightweight texture and vibrant fragrance of lemon and honey.

Revive leaves hair looking healthy as if revived.

 Revive group

Level 2: Restore

For medium to thick damaged hair.

Restore has an indulgent smooth and creamy texture, floral fragrances of sandal milk and spicy floral notes.

This leaves hair shiny and more beautiful, as if restored.

 restore group

Level 3: Recover

For thick, very damaged hair.

This beauty balm helps to recover a stronger feel to very damaged hair.

Beautifully scented with a rich fragrance of black vanilla

 Recover group
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How it Works.

Pro Fiber consists of a salon basin treatment, shampoo, conditioner or masque, a leave in serum and re-charge shampoos. The start of your treatment begins in salon, where your hair is shampooed with the correct treatment shampoo agreed with your stylist to suit your hair. Once shampooed, we then proceed with the in salon concentrate which penetrates into your hair for perfect shine. Once this has been taken through your hair, renew with Aptyl 100 is applied over the concentrate. Renew with Aptyl 100 is a universal renewing masque to help make hair feel soft, smooth, resurfaced and lightweight. Then, the treatment is prolonged at home, using prescribed home care, the treatment effect can be extended for up to 6 weeks. To recharge the salon effect at home substitute your conditioner or masque every fourth shampoo with the Pro Fiber Re-charge booster and finish with the leave in serum. 

How to use Pro Fiber at home.

When you come in for your Pro Fiber treatment your stylist will give you a booklet on how to use the treatment at home.Your stylist will fill out how often you use the products in your weekly haircare programme. They will also go through your hair history and habits to find the right treatment for you.They will indicate how many time to wash your hair using the shampoo, how often to use the conditioner or the masque and when to use the serum. They will also explain that you must use the re-charge every fourth time you shampoo your hair.When using the re-charge shampoo you do not condition your hair, simply finish with the serum.






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